8 Benefits of Breakfast for School Children

In order to be successful and pretend in school, there are not a few things that must be prepared and ignored by parents towards their children. Children who excel are not only supported by effective learning work that they apply or how thoroughly the learning tools that parents can provide for them. But a number of important things are very dominant towards children’s activities in school, one of which is breakfast before leaving for school.

Maybe some parents do not give enough attention, especially to teach their children to not infrequently the routine times of breakfast/breakfast before going to school actually breakfast has little benefit and most supports the smooth running of children’s activities at school.

In fact, the prevalence of a child’s breakfast is highly provoked by the prevalence of parents. Parents who are accustomed to breakfast before work will be easier in teaching their children how important it is to always have breakfast, because parents who are used to breakfast, already know what effects or uses that can be felt directly at breakfast before leaving for work.

But it is different with families who are not accustomed to breakfast before going to work, because in fact, children will often be accustomed to tailing the habits of parents who do not have breakfast, to the extent that children will also have the perception that breakfast is not a thing to do. Even though breakfast has little benefit, it supports many aspects for students at the school. What is the use of breakfast for school kids that you should know about? here’s the review.

1. As an energy source to carry out activities at school

The first benefit of breakfast is to hand over the energy supply for children to do their activities at school, breakfast will make a lot of children’s activities in the school more optimal. As you know together, the children in the most active schools, especially elementary school students, who often play with their friends often when they play, chases and business certainly need enough energy.

The benefits of breakfast for children are not only in terms of physical activity but breakfast also gives a good effect on children’s thinking activities. Maybe you think that student learning work does not really require energy and energy, in fact in the learning process children also really need energy supplies that are used to think, analyze lessons, concentrate on learning.

And sometimes the activity of thinking requires more energy than physical activity. Therefore, if you as a parent aspire to have your child be active and achieve in school, then how good is it for you to have your child to have breakfast before going to school.

2. Increase the concentration and focus of children.

The benefit of subsequent breakfast for children is to be able to create children to become more concentrated and concentrated. Maybe in the early hours of practice, the child still looks energetic, very eager and active in the learning process and when playing with his friends but over time the concentration and focus of the child will begin to diminish.

Decreasing the power of concentration and concentration for children in school is a natural thing because in addition to not doing a little physical activity also does not do a little psychological activity (thinking) that requires not a little energy. Things that are not good enough that can be caused when the child lacks concentration and focus on trailing learning is that the child cannot adequately capture the intentions of the training being taught by the teacher or teacher, and that matter will be most influential for achievements that he can achieve.

It is different if the child has breakfast before going to school, because the child gets a decent supply of energy from the food he consumes at breakfast and business, it is possible to maintain the concentration and focus of the child before recess, if the break breaks the child can eat and drink again to the extent that the child’s energy supply will be maintained throughout the day.

3. Maintain children’s health

If you ask what diseases can be present and abundant children when not having breakfast first before leaving for school, then the disease that can be felt by the child is experiencing an ulcer disease.

Ulcer disease often occurs due to artificial stomach acid that increases in the stomach, the main thing that causes the body to produce stomach acid because the stomach is in an empty situation. So it is advisable to have breakfast first before activities, including for school children.
Disrupted health often will make children not want to follow lessons once and vice versa when the child’s health is maintained, the child will be maximal in absorbing and knowing every exercise being taught by his teacher.

4. Increase intelligence

Based on information from Ronal E. Kleinman, M.D. a pediatrician and obstetrician and expert in nutrition who trained at Harvard University actually breakfast for school children is very dominant in his achievements.

It is inseparable from the nutrients and nutrition that can be obtained by a child at breakfast, so as to stimulate the intelligence of the child’s brain, as a result, the usefulness of the brain in storing memories can be maximally useful.

5. Restore the body’s metabolism

Did you know that when a person breaks the sugar level in the body they feel that they are lowering? The significantly significant problem occurs because during sleep the body does not find food supply. So that the morning time is the most appropriate time to re-fill energy in the body by doing breakfast.

Just imagine if you missed breakfast in the morning, your body would collect sugar reserves from the muscle layer, liver which is usually called glycogen, if the affair happened it could cause a metabolism that was not comparable and would stimulate the emergence of a phenomenon in the stomach, for example, gastric ulcer.

And that business does not only apply to children because adults can also experience such situations, so from that, but you also don’t have breakfast with your family to guard your health together.

6. Maintain children’s mood

The mood is the condition of the mind of a child, sometimes you usually watch children who are indifferent to what the teacher explains, do not really study, to the point that children sometimes seem passive in following the lesson.

One of the children’s mood conditions can be caused by not having breakfast before going to school, to the extent that children experience situations of weakness, fatigue, and lethargy. Such circumstances try to be a concern for parents. You don’t want a child that you expect to be able to achieve and become a successful child tomorrow to experience such a situation.

7. Make children able to save money

The benefits of breakfast when witnessed from the aspect of a child’s attitude, then a decent and proportional breakfast can make children more economical. Why is that? because children who have breakfast and fulfilled their nutritional and nutritional needs are not going to snack or make excessive purchases of goods while at school, after all, if you also prepare supplies for your child to be consumed at school, this can make your children’s pocket money more controlled.

You can direct your child if the money is not spent / pseudo at school so how good it is to keep it, to the extent that children will learn to save money and be economical individuals.

8. Increase the emotional ties of family members

Breakfast together with children, father, and mother in addition to physical use, will further strengthen the emotional bond between a child and his parents, thus creating children who are obedient and glorifying individuals.

You can insert advice and positive messages for your child while having breakfast together because in relaxed work advice will be easier to hear and follow by children. must not forget to give motivation for children to seriously study at school so that later they can become individuals who boast of parents.