8 Effective Ways to Grow the Spirit of Working Thesis

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is the desire of each student. But winning this title is not an easy matter. Why?

Because you have to struggle with the final project or thesis as a graduation criterion, the thesis combines all the knowledge that we get in previous semesters. Working on a thesis is not as easy as being read or returning your palm. Not surprisingly, theses often create stressed students, come to a dead end, and finish with laziness to do it.

It is a myth that as smart as students, but ordinary students will overtake lazy to work on a thesis but spirited. Then how do you get excited? The following 8 techniques foster the spirit of working on a thesis that you need to try.

1. Make an appointment

When working on a thesis, you certainly need support from the closest people. So that you can be motivated every day, then make an appointment with them. Whether it’s family, friends, or girlfriends. Promise them that we graduate soon. With a promise, it will grow a sense of responsibility within you.

Also, praying together with the closest and mutually reinforcing people can scorch your already extinguished fire. Imagine those closest to you when you are tired or hopeless; they certainly strengthen.

2. Come to a friend’s graduation

There is a saying that the greatest passion comes from yourself. One technique for awakening self-motivation and fostering the spirit of working on a thesis is to attend a friend’s graduation ceremony.

There, we will enjoy the euphoria of how the ceremony was held. You certainly are happy and splashed with the feeling of wanting to wear a gown like your friend. This can undoubtedly stimulate you to complete the waiting thesis more actively.

3. Choose a convenient location

The environmental conditions for working on the final assignment are also worth considering. Choose a convenient location, and us really as a base camp for working on the thesis. Change places so that our minds are not trapped and are complicated. For example, we always work in the room, without any new circumstances, then surely you will quickly get bored and eventually abandoned activities.

Next, to the room, we can also do the final assignment in the library, cafe, or private space for the thesis work. Usually on that campus will be provided that space. Besides changing the atmosphere, there you will meet new people who might feel the same fate as you. This can be an encouragement.

4. Create deadlines

The target is important. To reach your goal, you need detailed plans. What should you do today, later or even one month ahead? Make a list so that you are directed and not wasting time. If possible, you can make targets with colleagues so they can motivate each other and accompany one another. Schedule a consultation with the supervisor so that you can pursue the target on time.

5. Many gather with thesis fighters

Gathering with people who are in the same boat with us will create heavy work to be light. You will be motivated if you are with someone active. Not only that, you will be able to remind when there are colleagues who start lazy and disappear.

You can also devote your heart and problems to your comrades. They will gladly provide a solution because they have also been in our position now. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or tell stories. Submitting a problem yourself will create our thoughts more complicated and finish with the abandonment of the final task.

6. Remember parents

Remember your parents if feeling lazy starts to hit. The cost of education is not cheap, remember how the struggle of the father and mother who squeeze sweat to dig a living so that you become a scholar.

You remember that parents can strengthen. Maybe when you feel down or hopeless, remember them. Their prayers will never break you, so you must not lose heart.

7. Don’t be too idealistic

The title of the thesis is many, but sometimes, many students are too picky and hesitant to judge the title. This determination can take months. Each title certainly has its knack, which is that.

A different way of fostering the spirit of working on a thesis is to quickly conclude the title or theme if you can finish it as soon as possible. Avoid titles that are too complicated, and we may not be able to solve them ourselves. Don’t be too idealistic, because the thesis is scientific research, not a race to dig up sophisticated and demanding titles.

8. Reduce playing and hanging out

Play is indeed allowed, who is not stressed when doing the final project? Surely you feel tired. You can be refreshing once in a while to refresh your mind. In the weekend, you can keep to watch your favorite football match in YUKBOLA also put a bet on that match and after that you can continue your studying.

But also don’t play too often. The thesis is not finished but playing and hanging out take precedence. When you go home, you will feel tired, and the thesis will not be touched. Of course, don’t complain if it’s not finished. All of that is in you. Take control of your hobbies. When your thesis is complete, you can also play and vacation freely. If this happens, you will feel comfortable and free of guilt.

These are 8 crucial points that you can work on so that your motivation to do your thesis increases. Always remember that the biggest motivation is in you. Discipline and control yourself so that your spirit keeps burning. Good luck in completing your thesis!