These are Tips That Can be Used to Teach Students to Save and Save Money

The age of children who have become students must have been introduced with pocket money. Even so, it is still necessary to teach many aspects related to money, including frugality techniques. Before learning to save, it’s good to know the situation and needs of our children such as:

  • Allowance is given every day to monthly.
  • What is the cost of transportation when returning to school?
  • What activities are followed by our children after returning to school?

When he found out about his health situation each day when going to school, you can start teaching frugality techniques to get to know money better.

1. Provide breakfast at home

AAT Spending breakfast at the residence location can help children not to get snacks when the trip leads to school. Breakfast routine needs to be done so that the child makes this a custom that functions positively, such as:

  • Maintain the child’s mood.
  • Prevents obesity.
  • Increase body energy.
  • Get a total nutritional intake.
  • Foster discipline in children.
  • Helps avoid ulcer disease.
  • Maintaining the quality of relationships with family.

Breakfast at home can save your kids snacks. Breakfast can also reduce the willingness to indiscriminate snacks that are not healthy enough and better value their finances.

If this becomes a habit, there could be leftover money from children’s pockets that are more efficient and can save money.

2. Learning economical for daily transportation costs

Reducing daily transportation costs in a cheaper direction indirectly can help our children learn to save. Teach the child to choose a vehicle that can save money on snacks. Slowly say the use is not too concerned with the style in choosing the type of transportation compared to the benefits.

If our child realizes that saving money from pocket money is very urgent to do, he will indirectly struggle as much as possible to continue to learn to save.

3. Apply provisions to work directly back home

After school hours, try to return directly to the location of the home on time. If our children play too little, there could be that he would be far more wasteful and not a little snack. For some time like before the weekend, maybe it is allowed so that the child can also socialize. You can teach them to play inside the house, many board games right now can be play online from your home, such as Texas Hold’em Poker card games that you can play on your smartphone and compete with players around the world.

However, even if too often, it is not good because it will make it unable to control financially and not consistently enough to save. Teach not to save the remaining pocket money rarely

Learning to set aside money, aka saving money, needs to be implemented very early. The goal is that this positive habit can be applied to adult law later.

Initially, it is difficult, but this can help our children learn about finance. Tell him if there is no problem how much money is set aside and will be saved. The most crucial point is the consistent attitude of the child in learning to save all the temptations outside and keep saving.

4. Bring lunch to school

In addition to having the child eat breakfast at home, you also need to bring lunch to school. Indirectly, this technique helps him save money from snacks. For the Kembantunya not saturated with supplies that are delivered, you can create a suitable lunch for his taste.

Carrying a routine can help our children get the nutritious intake and not too little snack in the canteen. Without realizing it, the custom of bringing this provision can also be imitated by other friends. If all his friends bring lunch, the atmosphere of dining will be more exciting and can exchange food.

Those are many tips that can help students more actively save money.

6 Things We Can Learn From Card Games Using Real Money

Card games that are very popular in all circles are popular with people of all ages. Many factors determine the victory in this game. From several factors that we can learn and apply to our daily lives. If you have trouble playing Card Game because of limited facilities, you can also try to play online casino game which is very easy to access. Here are some things we can learn from.

1. Discipline

Just as we need discipline in our lives. Card games also teach us how important discipline is. Discipline in determining the steps you will take while playing, ending the game or continuing the game.

2. Analysis

Card games require our analytical skills to work as much as possible. Analyze the cards on the table, and analyze the possibilities of the opponent’s cards. Analysis in poker requires high concentration and quick thinking. We can apply this and become an important point in our daily lives. Fast analysis and thinking can help us a lot in solving everyday problems.

3. Financial Management

Card Casino games like in agen ibcbet terpercaya require us to play by continuing to count the amount of our money. How much can we play and how much we lose in total. This game can help us learn to manage finances. An error in the call, rise and all in can cause your game to end up losing. Be careful in managing your finances in the game of casino card, and of course also in your daily life.

4. Learn to Accept Defeat

In each step you take in poker, you have the risk of each. All steps have risks that must be weighed with financial considerations and the condition of the card. If you take the wrong step and it turns out that it ends in defeat, you must be able to accept it and continue the game. If you drag on a momentary defeat, then it can damage your next game. Likewise, the application in everyday life, do not be too protracted in sadness, defeat or failure in life, continue to rise and move forward.

5. Converting Weakness into Strength

Winning in Poker requires a lot of factors. Blaming a card or a fortune that doesn’t side with you is probably the easiest step. Many people in life complaining about how they were born poor, born disabled or born ugly. This point teaches us to accept things that happen outside our power, do things that we can do and move on.

6. Emotion Control

Surely you’ve heard the term Poker Face. This term is used as a term in terms of controlling emotions but is focused on facial expressions. Emotions that are too highlighted in poker can cause defeat. Control your emotions as well as possible, in poker and in everyday life. Learn not to get carried away quickly and think clearly, controlled emotions can calm your mind.

Well, that’s 6 things that we can learn from the Poker game. It turns out that Poker is not only a game but also have something that we can learn.