Benefits of Technology Development For Country Progress

Communication technology at this time in the world’s most developed rapidly. If in the past the 17th or 18th centuries your ancestors still used physical posts or correspondence, but in the 20th century we have been able to feel the communication provoked by technology. One of them is definitely communication technology. At the beginning of the 20th-century communication devices such as landlines, radio, fax, and a number of other communication devices emerged. Along with the growth of the era, a number of communication tools feel the development as well. Like a telephone that is probably now starting to not be a bit abandoned, because not a few people have moved to cellphones, aka cellphones.

With the growth of information technology, communication technology has developed rapidly. The term “cyber communication technology” appears that allows me and you can use new communication technology again. Examples of communication technologies that use cyber technology or the internet are e-mail, chat, and so on. Such communication technology is now being used everywhere.

The increasingly developing technology media is a place to help provide information and knowledge that develops. Like the rise of the world of blogging, community forums, creating groups on Facebook, etc., which each highlight their skills and effectiveness in the virtual world. This should be your example, especially you as a generation of Muslims need to utilize technological civilization as a media of propaganda is an applicative step to combat the negative side of technological civilization.

The positive benefits of the technological civilization itself surrender unlimited value, E-mail service media and websites help us concerned in any country to communicate both business, office or personal matters. However, the different issues that are more important that are related to the growth of the technology media itself are the virtual world. The virtual world is a storehouse of information and science, but not all of my positives and you can here.

As you all know, at this time not a few children aged 9-12 years have watched pornographic material, which is accessed from the internet.

The thing that creates us concerned about the growth of technology now is the number of naked problems in front of the camera. This is the negative side of the difference between technological civilizations. With the number of 231 million Indonesians, here is what you must realize that civilization is the dominant technology of good and bad. And you cannot be said that you are not ready to accept the progress yourself, because you want to not want the growth of the world of technology that has become a necessity for completing activities. Only regarding the challenges of human resources that have not been evenly distributed is the employment of the location of this nation’s residence, the constraints in mastering foreign languages ​​are a key matter of mastering the technology itself.

If mastery of the language is high, then you will be an element of the global curriculum, but if mastery is low this is a problem. Looking at the positive and negative technological civilizations, for the benefit of the nation and Muslims in particular. It is internal control starting from the family to introduce and monitor students from the negative consequences themselves, and the government, especially the authorities that handle it to take the right steps to reduce the consequences of the civilization of the bad side of the technology itself. The more rapid technological civilization we should not make the ghost of the boomerang for you do not dare to unfold and advance. The urgent role of the nation’s elements of government, society, and family is an umbrella to avoid and reduce the negative consequences of the media itself.

The internet is a computer network that is internationally connected and spread throughout the world. This network includes millions of computer planes that are connected to each other by utilizing telephone networks (both wired and electromagnetic waves). This network of millions of computers enables various software to be carried out between computers in the internet network with the support of software and hardware needed.

For joining this network, one party (in this matter the provider) must have a software program and a data bank that provides information and data that can be accessed by different parties who are members of the internet. Parties who have joined this network will have their own address (like a telephone number) that can be contacted over the internet network. The following providers become servers for parties that have personal computers (PCs) to become customers or to access the internet. In line with the growth of the times, the internet technology civilization is also increasingly advanced. Information is mentioned positively when it is useful for research

The Importance of Temporary Work Lectures for Success at a Young Age

Who doesn’t succeed at a young age? Surely all people want to succeed at a young age. But to achieve it, we also need a hard effort and even a short time. To work around this, you can build your career since college, one of which is by lecturing while working.

Then why do we have to work on these two matters? Lecture while working?

Because basically education is very urgent in our lives, even in the educational work environment is one of the necessary capital to climb the career ladder.

Logically if we only go to college and look forward to graduating to work. Losing big chances of success at a young age is possible. Because of what? We work waiting for college graduation first. So you have to postpone our dreams for not more than 4 years to study. And it’s the same as you defer our success. Another thing if we go to college accompanied by work. We can succeed younger than waiting for a time for graduation or college graduation.

This time I will share the story and state in detail what is the importance of lectures while working for your career success.

  • We, Will, Know the Real Meaning of the Life Struggle

Yaps are right. The first point is the meaning of the struggle for life. At first, I used to work to make a play, and it can add pocket money. Over time, I began to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed because I still asked my parents for money. Have you always worked with parents about economic problems? Genesis! At that time my age was just 18 years old Haha .. And from that moment on I was determined to no longer ask for money for my parents, support myself while I was in college and began to learn how to bustle when I get a rupiah.

It’s challenging, after all, we will lose not a little time gathering, playing and having fun with our friends, but I believe. There is an enjoyable affair that I can get first from friends who still have not tried how to be self-sufficient and learn to support themselves. There is an invaluable life exercise, that is, an earlier opportunity obtained about the meaning of the struggle for life.

  • We, Will, Be More Appreciating the Efforts and Struggles of Our Parents in Raising Us

When you have enjoyed working and digging for your own money, automatically you also experience that to get money, some efforts must be made. Not infrequently the energy that must be carried out is an effort that is not easy. We also become more aware of the efforts carried out by your parents in multiplying us. Some sacrifices and struggles are not easy; that must be done so that your life continues well and fits with what you aspire to. Where is the tissue paper, so touched me.

  • We, Will, Make Both of Our Parents Proud and That Is One Way to Reward Them

Who are the parents who are not proud to have children who continue their education in college? Who is not pleased to have children who have their income? And now who is not excited to have children who go to college and are self-sufficient and have their income? Well, it’s a lot of pride for parents and of course, delighted parents when they have children like us.

  • Learn Better Time Management

When you become a student study room (lecture while working), you have to organize your time well. You will feel that the 24 hours a day will not be enough to complete our responsibilities and activities. We must say in using time. When you have to go to college, study, work on assignments, work, go together with friends, and do your hobbies. We cannot use arbitrary time because we must divide between the world of college and the world of work.

For example, I go from 8 a.m. until 4 in the afternoon. After I finished college, I had to work from 5 to 9 a night, and the rest I used to work on the task until I slept. Yes, I’m probably sleeping maybe 11-12 hours. If there is no assignment or when there is an empty hour, I can go or gather with friends. I don’t even use lecture time to study, work on tasks and repay my office work. So, the time on campus can be used as much as possible. Complicated? Tight? There is no time to make the play? Not even that. Because I enjoyed the benefits of my life, I can better manage my life and use the time I have as well as possible.

It’s better to use the time for positive things than to use negative stuff like dating, hanging out, etc.