Learn from Home, These 10 Important Tips when Helping Children with Homework

In the current situation in every country which is in the middle of the pandemic, learning from home is a policy taken by a number of regions. One of the assignments given by the school to students when learning from home is the task of reading and doing homework.

The level of success of children when learning from home will be higher when parents actively help to learn activities. Parents’ activity shows concern and appreciation for the work done by children. Helping children to do homework does not mean that parents only accompany the child.

Parents can help by demonstrating learning and organizational skills, explaining complex problems, or asking children to rest. Here are tips for parents when helping children do the homework while in quarantine life these days:


  1. Get to know the teachers. In situations such as learning from home, parents can communicate with the teacher more intensively. Parents can ask about homework assignments and how to get involved.


  1. Prepare a comfortable area. Prepare a comfortable area for the child to do homework. Make sure there is enough lighting when doing homework. If you need equipment to do homework, prepare paper, pencils, glue, and scissors in an easily accessible place.


  1. Schedule regular study time. Some children have the best time to do homework in the afternoon, following a snack and play period. Discuss with the teacher about learning and doing homework.


  1. Help them make plans. When doing difficult homework, encourage children to do one task at a time that can be done first. Help the child to make plans to do homework. Take time to rest for 15 minutes every hour.


  1. Reduce distractions. Reducing disruption while doing homework does not mean there are no TV, music, or phone calls. Sometimes using a telephone with classmates can help you do your homework.


  1. Make sure children do their own homework. Children will not find learning when they are not doing homework themselves and learn from mistakes made while doing homework. Parents can give advice and help with directions. However, doing homework is the task of children in the context of learning.


  1. Be a motivator and do supervision. The role of motivator and supervision from parents is important. Parents can ask about assignments, quizzes, and homework provided. Encourage children, check homework that has been completed, and prepare yourself to be a place for children to ask.


  1. Give a good example. Children are good imitators. Give good examples such as studying together, reading books together, and doing homework together rather than giving only advice.


  1. Praise learning outcomes. Praise the work and effort of children when studying and doing homework. Parents can display the results of their studies and homework at home or to relatives or colleagues.


  1. Consult the teacher again if there are difficulties. If there are still problems with homework, seek help from the teacher. Talk with the child’s teacher. Consult the child about problems encountered while doing homework.


Here are tips for parents when helping children do the homework while in quarantine life, we do hope this article can help our readers while quarantine at home.