Positive Benefits of Learning Activities in the Open Nature for Students

Having an empirical relationship with nature or incorporating nature-based training in school work can be relied on to promote better learning for education and the growth of children through different pathways. That was what was explained in a study by Ming Kuo of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois, along with Michael Barnes of the Department of Forest Resources at the University of Minnesota and Catherine Jordan of the UMN Department of Pediatrics and Nature & Nature Network in Minneapolis.

Doing natural exploration work according to information from the researchers has little benefit for children. This indicates that experimental nature adds children to academic learning, personal development, and environmental management.

“Research on individual development and environmental management is most interesting. We can indicate changes in perseverance, problem solutions, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, and durability in children. Similarly, more than fifty studies have also shown that nature plays an important role in developing pro-environment behavior. Especially by building emotional relationships with nature, “said Kuo.

How Learning Nature can Affect Characteristic of a Child

Furthermore, Kuo in his research indicated a positive use for students who have experience with nature. Because according to his character has the effect of increasing focus and focus. It was increasingly seen when Kuo assigned students randomly to enter the study room with views of green plants, could do better on focus tests than students who were in a windowless class or did not show nature. Besides these they are concerned with life, feeling a decrease in stress.

It’s quite the same with adult people, the natural scent can increase their work focus and result. That is why a company with complex operational will consider the environment as essential for their employee behavior. One example would be an Online Casino company who manage the millions transaction in a day, they take it very serious about the working atmosphere of their employees, for the success of each betting transactions.

“Making contact with nature, plants and fauna can also improve self-discipline, create motivation, likes, and involvement. Also, students have a better understanding of lessons, course curriculum evaluation and interest in school in general. And have good absenteeism, “he continued.

Kuo stated how even outdoor exploration has a positive effect on higher levels of physical activity and fitness.

“Fitness and cardio-respiration are very clear components related to performance. Besides, there are some indications that greener schools can increase physical activity with children as they enter adolescenceā€, he explained.

He explained in detail that a greener environment, besides being able to encourage learning, also made the atmosphere calmer. And can foster a warmer relationship. Students who have experienced problems in the classroom will be more able to escape from the conflict and indicate better self-control.

“Studying in nature seems to be able to foster a warmer and more cooperative relationship, and facilitate cooperation and comfort between students and teachers,” he concluded.