The Importance of Technology for Education

In the era of globalization, information technology has the most important role. By mastering technology and information, you have decent capital to be a winner in the global competition. In the era of globalization, not mastering information technology is synonymous with illiteracy.

Information Technology (IT) and multimedia have enabled the realization of effective and enjoyable learning, which involves students actively. The ability of IT and multimedia to say the message is considered the greatest. In the fields of education, IT and multimedia have processed the exposure paradigm of subject matter for students. Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) can not only help teachers in teaching but can already have a stand-alone nature in facilitating the learning process.

An urgent emphasis on maximizing human resources across sectors means that you will need the most effective communication system. If you respond to the needs of the initial focus should be more according to the acceptance of information rather than the dissemination of information. This almost reverses the role when compared with the role of educational administration communications that used to be.

The main difference between developed and developing countries is the ability of science and technology. Rapid advances in science and technology in developed karmic countries are supported by established information systems. Conversely, weak information systems in developing countries cause underdevelopment in mastery. Knowledge. Technology. So it is clear that the progress or failure of a country is most determined by the mastery of information because information is the main capital in developing science and technology which is the main weapon for developing the country. So that if one country wants to advance and still exist in global competition, then the country must master information. In the era of globalization and information, the mastery of information is not only limited to mastering, but it also requires speed and accuracy. Because there is almost nothing to master information that is outdated, in fact, the most rapid development of science and technology causes the age of information to be the shortest, in other words, old information will be neglected in the presence of newer information.

Input (input) and direct contribution from all other stakeholders (stakeholders); students, parents, and community members also provide information that is very helpful and increases community support for school development. If the main objective is to maximize the education of human resources, the matter has added to your communication relationship with all sectors of the education environment and all stakeholders. Moreover, the main key to increasing communication must be focused on sharing communication revealed and increasing opportunities to find support from all fields.

Our lives are now slowly changing from the former industrial era back to the information age behind the influence of the advancing era of globalization and informatics making computers, the internet and the rapid growth of information technology as the main elements that must be or should not be weaknesses in our lives. The economic globalization of network activities caused by civilization from information technology not only changes the pattern of economic productivity but also increases the level of productivity and at the same time causes structural evolution in political life, culture, the social life of society and even the concepts of deep times in many layers society.

The responsibility of the school in stepping on this new era of globalization is to prepare students to face all the challenges that change most rapidly in our society. The ability to say foreign languages ​​and computer skills are two criteria that are commonly asked by people to step into the era of globalization both in Indonesia and in all the world. So the presence of computers that have penetrated in all areas of human life requires that the highest responsibility for our education system is to develop students’ language skills and computer skills.